Breaking smartphone addiction. A low-tech revolution(?)

The modern smart phone can do so many things, it has so many capabilities. It is a truly dazzling piece of technology. It is our omni-present, omni-potent companion. It is our primary means of interaction, of organisation, of information.

Always watching, always listening. The smart phone is a truly Orwellian device. In fact, the device is so Orwellian he himself could not have foreseen it.

Smartphones are great, but they are also terrible.

The Con

I believe we have been sold a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I believe we make a mistake in assessing the merit of smartphones. By focussing on their capabilities – the incredible array of things they can do- we ignore their effects.

I will avoid anything conspiratorial – for now.

I will simply make the claim that the modern smart phone has – on the whole – been damaging for society. I will also claim that if we don’t take very deliberate steps against it, it will diminish us all, possibly in irreparable ways.

The experiment

Today I bought a phone from Argos for £5.

It’s quite a nifty device.

See picture.

I will be using this for at least a week, perhaps longer.

I am doing this because I have a growing sense my smartphone is having a negative impact on my life.

Soon, we will know if I was right.

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